By August 21, the people of these 5 zodiac signs should pass the time with great care, Mercury will make a deep impact

Mercury Dev is called the planet of intelligence, logic, communication, mathematics, cleverness and friendship. When Mercury is auspicious, a person gets auspicious results.

In astrology, every planet enters from one zodiac sign to another in a given period. On 1st August 2022, on Monday, the planet Mercury has left Cancer and entered Leo. The arrival of Mercury in Leo can have negative effects in the lives of some zodiac signs. Budhdev will remain in Leo till August 21. Know which zodiac signs will have an inauspicious effect of Mercury.

Cancer– Mercury is transiting in the second house from your zodiac. Due to the effect of Mercury transit, you may have to face financial difficulties. There will be chances of advancement in the job. Family life will be pleasant. However, during this time you need to take special care of your health.

Mercury can bring financial problems for the people of Virgo zodiac. Mercury has transited in the 12th house of your zodiac. Due to which your expenses may increase. Unnecessary expenses may cause you mental stress.

. Capricorn- Mercury transit can bring challenges in life for Capricorn peopleMercury is transiting in the eighth house of your zodiac. During this time you should avoid investing. Care should be taken at workplace. There may be difficulties in family life. Take care of health.

Mercury has entered in the seventh house of Aquarius. Mercury transit can affect your married life and business. During this, there is a possibility of a rift with the partner. You will get success in job

Pisces – Mercury transit in the sixth house of Pisces is not considered auspicious. During this, you need to be careful at the workplace. Cut unnecessary expenses. Take the advice of elders while taking any decision. You may have to face financial loss.

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