People of this age are more at risk from alcohol! Scientists warn against drinking…!

In a study published by the medical journal The Lancet, it has been told what age people can be harmed by alcohol consumption and which age people can benefit from drinking some amount of alcohol. .

In today’s time many people consume alcohol. There is also a warning written on the bottle of alcohol that drinking alcohol can be injurious to health and experts also advise not to drink alcohol because it can cause many diseases. According to Dr. Rohan Sekira, General Medicine Consultant, Jaslok Hospital and Research Center, our body can digest only one drink in an hour and a total of 3 drinks in a day, but drinking more than one standard drink is always wrong. Recently there has been a study in which it has been told which people may be at higher risk from drinking alcohol and which people can benefit.  

What it says

According to a study in the research medical journal The Lancet, youth under the age of 40 may be at greater health risks from drinking alcohol. Researchers looked at the risk of 22 health conditions attributable to alcohol using the 2020 Global Burden of Disease data for men and women aged 15-95 years and older between 1990 and 2020 in 204 countries. These risks also include injury, heart disease and cancer.  

“About 60 percent of alcohol-related injuries in people of this age are due to motor accidents, suicides and homicides,” said Emmanuela Gakidou, professor and senior writer at the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) at the University of Washington, US. The 

Data found Estimation of Average Daily Alcohol Intake The

researchers were able to estimate the average daily intake of alcohol from the data the researchers had.alcohol

for people aged 15-39 before any health risk was 0.136 standard drinks per day, that is, one-tenth of a standard drink. slightly higher. This amount was 0.273 for women aged 15-39, that is, one-fourth of a standard drink daily. A standard drink is defined as 10 grams of pure alcohol which is the equivalent of a small glass of red wine A standard drink A size of a can is 375 ml of beer and 30 ml of hard alcohol (whiskey or other spirit) and 100 ml of red or white wine.

The analysis also showed that there may be some benefit from drinking small amounts of alcohol for adults 40 years of age and older with no health conditions. Such as the risk of ischemic heart disease, stroke and diabetes may be reduced. In general, safe alcohol consumption levels for individuals aged 40-64 in 2020 range from about half the standard drink per day (0.527 drinks per day for men and 0.562 standard drinks per day for women) to about two standard drinks (for women). 1.69 per day for men and 1.82 standard drinks for women). 

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