Nitish Rana, hoping to return to the Indian team, said – scoring runs is in hand,

top-order batsman Nitish Rana, who made his international debut against Sri Lanka in 2021, has not been able to return to the Indian team’s playing 11 for a long time.return

to the team. 28-year-old Indian player Nitish Rana, who has been batting brilliantly in the IPL, has been looking for an opportunity to make a comeback in the Indian team for a long time. Nitish’s record in domestic cricket has also been quite impressive. He has performed brilliantly while playing for Mumbai Indians and Kolkata Knight Riders in IPL. He started his international career for the Indian team against Sri Lanka in 2021 but Nitish could not stay in the team for long in the team. Till now in his international career, Nitish has played only one ODI and two T20I matches. 

Nitish’s performance in IPL has been great 

Nitish’s record in the last 6 seasons of IPL has been excellent. Every year Nitish has scored more than 300 runs. Now Nitish is preparing to score more than 500 runs in the next IPL in an attempt to make a comeback in the Indian team. Nitish said that he does not want to give any excuse. He could not perform better in the matches against Sri Lanka. In the coming home matches and IPL, he will try to get more than 500 runs in his name. 

Couldn’t do anything special against Sri Lanka 

When he started his international career last year, Nitish could not do anything special with his batting. Nitish often plays at number three in domestic cricket and in the IPL, while he played at number 7 in ODIs and number 5 in T20Is against Sri Lanka. Because of this, Nitish could not have any special performance.

Talking to the media, Nitish Rana said that he wants to return to the Indian team as soon as possible. In domestic and IPL tournaments, Nitish is hoping to return to the team on the strength of his batting. Will try his best to grab the attention of the team selectors by scoring as many runs as possible.

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